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Vancouver Lake Information

January 26th, 2014 at 10:00 AM


Registration is closed.   We are Full.


Registration List



Registration opens on November 1st and there is no day of race registration.

The cap on participants for this event is 475.

All proceeds from the race go the CCRC Scholarship Fund. The race has been giving out $10,000 a year in scholarships.

There are no refunds on this event.

Course Information: The course is very flat, with 5 water stops.


Awards: All finishers receive medals. Awards will go to top 10 overall, Top Master Overall, and Top 6 in each 5 year age category. Awards will be Glassware with VLHM Logo.

Mobile Results! On race day we'll send texts and emails of your results as soon as they're complete.

Have friends racing too? Search for their name and select to über follow them – we'll text you their results as well.

Packet Pickup:   There will be an optional  packet pick up on Saturday January 25th from 10:15 to 1:00PM  at the North Picnic shelter at Vancouver Lake Park.


Start time: 10:00am

Packet pick up i begins at 8:30am and ends at 9:45. All packets that are not picked up will become property of CCRC including the shirts.

Parking: There is limited parking and the race has cut back on entrants this year because of the limited parking. So PLEASE Carpool. There will be a $3 parking fee charged by the park’s department. However, if you have 2 registered runners in you car, CCRC will give you a free parking permit

Course: The course is very flat. It begins on Reiger Road in front of the park. You run north for 1.5 miles to the turnaround ( look for reflectors in road) . You come back south on Reiger road all the way past the park and turn right onto bike path. Follow bike path all the way to Frenchman’s bar. Turn around at the bathrooms. Follow the exact same route back to Vancouver Lake and to the same turnaround (at the reflectors). Run back on the left side of the road to bike path right past the park. Turn left onto bike path. Follow bike path to far north picnic shelter. The course will be well marked and there will be mile markers at each mile. Look for orange cone at each mile. Click here for course map.

Water Stop and port-a-pots will be at 3 , 6,9 & 12 mile marks


Clothing Check: There will be clothing check on Reiger road right by the start. Also, you will running by clothing at the 3 mile mark. You can also drop your clothes off then.







A big Thanks to all the Volunteers who made this years Vancouver Lake Half Marathon successful. Sorry if we missed your name.  If we did, I would be glad to add you. RZ


Finish line

Kevin Edwards

Pam Mueller

Mary Shen

Debbie Mansell

Dennis Denman


Cookie Bakers

Rayann Thorne

Janet Fallon

Malinda LeFeve

Judy Edwards

Pam Cabanatuan

Eileen Kuffner

Shyla Allen

Peggy Burrus

Amy Campbell

Pam McKinney

Mary Shen

Dana Seekins

Lorinda Limpf

Heather McFadden

Jenny Teppo

Sue Diaz


Crowd Control

Lou Diaz

Joe Rowley

Bill Burrus

Kevin Edwards


Course Monitors

Mark Staub

The Ferris’

The McKinney’s

Ralph Martinez

Amy Campbell


Traffic Control

Theresa Mowers-Phipps

Lindy Krossman


Water Delivery

Karen Rakoz


Clothes Collection

Ken Andrews

Teresa Phimister

Ben Bolte

Kris Krohn


T-shirt design

Rebecca Leong


Lead Runner Bike Chaperones

Curtis Roth

Andreas Mueller


Water Stations

Columbia River Cross Country

Elvis Pring

Dana Seekins

Heather Harmon



Bill Fallon

Kevin Edwards

Phil Phimister

Lou Diaz


Packet and Shirt Pick-up

Janet Fallon

Peggy Burrus

Kathy McCollum

Ron Rushford

Shawn Chapman


Food Monitors

Sue Diaz

Dan & Sandy Riley



Kathy Zornick

Sue Diaz

Sandy Chapman



Bryan Chapman


Timing and Finish Line Setup

Daniel Grimshaw

John Thrasher



Race Director and Timing

Russ Zornick







CCRC is now on Facebook

I have created a CCRC Group on Facebook (thanks to Queena Beebe).  You do not need a Facebook account to get to our page.  I have made it public.  But if you want to post something, you will need a Facebook account and I recommend you create an account for yourself.   One of the nice things about having an account, is that you will be notified every time someone posts something.  I can see a lot of advantages to using Facebook versus using our CCRC Website.  First of all, anyone can post something on Facebook because people are constantly asking me to post things on our website.  It is very tedious and it takes up my time.  In the future, I will ask people to go straight to Facebook if they want something posted.  Another advantage is that it has a calendar.  We can put all our running events on the calendar and you can be notified of upcoming events.  Another thing I like about Facebook, is that it is so simple  to post pictures compared to posting pictures on the website.  So you can expect to see a lot more pictures.  So far it has been a hit.  In the first 3 weeks since I launched, we already have 151 members. 




Partnership with Fit Right NW

Fit Right NW has always been very generous with the Clark County Running Club.  At this year’s half marathon, they donated 4 pairs of shoes to the top Finishers (Male & Female, Open & Masters).  Over the years, they have been very generous donating items for our raffles after our run.  Fit Right NW will be the exclusive retail sponsor of CCRC.  Fit Right NW has also offered to give all members a 10% discount on shoes & apparel.  Since we do not have membership cards, they will be using our on-line membership database to see if your dues are paid to date.  So make sure you have paid your membership dues this year.  And please support Fit Right NW.  It is so nice to have a running shoe store on this side of the river where you can get expert advice.  Link to Fit Right Northwest





95% Of You are Doing it Correctly

Three years ago we implemented the pre-assignment of numbers to all participants of our races.  We asked everyone to write that number on the tag that we collect at the finish.  It’s a very tedious and time consuming job compiling the results. When you use your pre-assigned number, I do not have to struggle with reading your handwriting.  It greatly reduces the time to compile results.  The good news is that 95% of  participants are putting numbers on their tag.  Just a few still don’t. I hope you read this article and start.  Lastly, if you have any corrections to your name or age, just circle it on the tag.  I should catch it.  Thanks to all who use their number. To check your pre-assigned number, click this link.